Induction Cooktop

Bach Knob Induction Cooktop
Bach Knob Induction Cooktop

Are you finding it time-consuming to prepare a cup of a tea or heat that leftover food or make a sma.....

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Induction Cooktop To Make Cooking Less Time-Consuming

Induction cook tops have become pretty much popular in last several years. Now everyone wants to have one in their kitchen. Appliance Mart offers you elegant options for induction cook tops of your kitchen. There are two induction cook tops present here that are Bach Knob Induction Cook Top and Sunshine Induction Cook Top.

The Bach Induction Cook Top is designed in contemporary style, which complements the look of your kitchen and is packed with all advanced features that help you in fast, precise and safe cooking. It has easy maintenance and is very much energy efficient. The Bach Induction Cook Top comes with a knob to control heat easily and conveniently. 

The other cook top offered is the Sunshine Induction Cook Top, which is a heavy duty cook top designed to provide you the best cooking experience without much trouble. It has seven cooking modes allowing you to cook most of your recipes on the induction cook top. A 4 digit LED display assists you in determining the temperature and cooking mode of the cook top.

Mumbai is a busy place. The quick-paced lives of Mumbaikars need a solution to their cooking needs. Especially for the youth who join the workforce. For them, getting a gas connection is a costly and time-consuming affair. 

To provide a solution to the problem, Appliance Mart is selling the best Induction Cooktop in Mumbai. The induction cooktops of Appliance Mart are elegant in design, quick in heating up the food, occupies less space than a gas stove, and is portable. 

They are energy-efficient and eco-friendly. There is no worry of getting shocked as the ceramic top of the cooktop do not get heated. The cooktop relies on magnetism to heat the food. Also, these come with temperature adjust ability. 

Get the best Induction cooktop in Mumbai now at Appliance Mart, your one-stop destination for home kitchen appliances. Quality is assured and the product comes with a six-month warranty. Buy now!

Key Features:

   User-Friendly Design

   Low-Power Consuming

   Releases No Toxic Waste

   Temperature Adjustability

   Easy to Clean